Gluten Reduced!

I’ve had the tests - and the good news is I don’t have coeliac disease. Although to have the test I had to go back on a diet consisting of gluten, which I’d removed from my diet. And it made me feel awful. So, I’ll be focusing on gluten reduced beer, and working out the best processes to make sure the beer I produce is as low in gluten as possible.

Gluten Free!?

I intended this site to be my exploits in brewing, and sharing of recipes. Since I set it up I’ve had some issues with my health. Not to go too much into details, it’s looking very likely that I have coeliac disease. I am awaiting some tests - but if that’s the case then my brewing exploits will take a very different direction. I still love beer, and I always will.

What's this all about?

This blog / site is created by Open Sussex, a small consultancy who deal with all things FLOSS (Free, Libre, Open Source). They’re also advocates of all things Beer. From Singing about beer ; brewing it and of course drinking it. As such we thought it would be good to combine our love of Freedom we find in Free Software into the world of Brewing. We’re not doing anything new here.