I intended this site to be my exploits in brewing, and sharing of recipes.

Since I set it up I’ve had some issues with my health. Not to go too much into details, it’s looking very likely that I have coeliac disease. I am awaiting some tests - but if that’s the case then my brewing exploits will take a very different direction.

I still love beer, and I always will. But I’ll have to focus on brewing Gluten Free Beer. This means I’m going to need to explore different malts to use rather than Barley, Rye and Wheat - or look into some serious processes to enable me to use those malts but to make sure that all gluten is removed.

I’ve read that some brewers are using techniques that make their beer gluten free due to the processes they use. It seems these are more the commercial brewers and involve filtration etc.

There are a variety of alternatives to Barley, Rye and Wheat that can be used; such as Millet, Buckwheat, Corn,Rice (and others).

So, I’ll carry on, and it will still be Free Beer - but it’ll also be Gluten Free!